Book Depository Mini Book Haul!

The first review that I posted this year was for Chris Russell’s “Songs About A Girl.” For those of you who don’t know, it’s actually apart of a trilogy–the next books are “Songs About Us” and “Songs About A Boy.” Unfortunately, “Songs About A Girl” is the only one in the trilogy that I could find published in the U.S., so I had to order the second two from Book Depository. I’d never ordered from there before, but this was the perfect excuse to get books from there for the first time! The books arrived from Australia in great shape. My only complaint isn’t about Book Depository, but rather that U.S. books are a few centimeters bigger than books from other countries, which makes the three books not look quite as uniform, but that’s a whole different rant on a different blog post. I’ve included photos below of the books, as well as the spines with a book I got from a Twitter giveaway, “Wrong In All The Right Ways”! (You can read about that giveaway win here, as well as read my ARC review of “Wrong In All The Right Ways”!)

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