“Wrong In All The Right Ways” Giveaway Win!

If you don’t know, there was an 18 Debut Chat that happened on Twitter every month for readers to get to know the authors and books that were debuting for the first time ever in 2018. They were run by author Jessica Pennington (whose book “Love Songs & Other Lies” debuted in April of 2018), and for the last meeting in December, she gave away a ton of books that debuted! I won a copy of Tiffany Brownlee’s “Wrong In All The Right Ways,” (a contemporary retelling of “Wuthering Heights”) which I was lucky enough to review an ARC of last year, so I was excited to add a finished copy to my collection! Tiffany signed and personalized it for me, and included a super cute bookmark and sticker! (You can also check out my interview with Tiffany about the book here!)

I also included a picture of the spine (with “Songs About A Boy” and “Songs About Us”)


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