[COVER REVEAL] “The Wrong Side of Kai” By: Estelle Maskame

Considering you’ve found your way to my blog and this specific blog post, I’m going to assume that you know who Estelle Maskame is — international best selling author of the DIMLY series, (“Did I Mention I Love You?” – “Did I Mention I Need You?” – “Did I Mention I Miss You?) which was a crazy popular book online before it got picked up for official publication. (Did I Mention I desperately need a movie series of those books? Yes? Glad we’re on the same page.)

The three book series also stemmed a companion novel, “Just Don’t Mention It,” which was released in the UK by Ink Road last year and will be released by Sourcebooks Fire in the United States this fall. (Of course I’ve already read the U.K. version, but you all know that I have no choice but to get the U.S. cover versions as well.) Or maybe you’ve heard of “Dare To Fall,” her latest standalone novel…well get ready, because her newest standalone has a cover!!

“The Wrong Side of Kai” will be released in the UK on September 19th, and you can read all about it now, and see the gorgeous cover below!


Vanessa Murphy doesn’t do relationships.

With a father who doesn’t notice her, it’s easy for her to sneak around with her latest fling, Harrison Boyd. But when an explicit video of Vanessa hooking up with Harrison is leaked the morning after she ends things with him, her life is thrown into chaos.

And Vanessa wants payback. Enter Kai. With his own vendetta against Harrison, Kai proposes revenge, and the two pair up to ruin Harrison Boyd’s life. At first, they are nothing more than an illicit partnership. Teammates working towards the same mission.

But between late-night stakeouts and crime committing Vanessa is drawn into Kai’s life. And, as the two grow closer, she finds herself letting Kai into hers.


What’re your thoughts on the cover? Let me know below!


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