[COVER REVEAL] “Flutter” and “Falter” By Carrie Aarons

If you’re a new adult reader like me, then you’ve most likely heard of Carrie Aarons! (After all, I have posted reviews of five of her books this year…including “The Tenth Girl,” “You’re The One I Don’t Want,” and “The Second Coming“)

You also might’ve seen my reviews for “Fleeting” and “Forgiven,” the first two books Carrie’s “Nash Brothers” series. Well, today is the dual cover reveal for both “Flutter” and “Falter,” the last two books in the series! “Flutter” will be released on July 11, and “Falter” will be released on July 25.

Keep reading to see both covers, and read each synopsis!







If you haven’t read any of this series, now’s your chance! You still have time to catch up on the first two books before these two are released.


Which cover is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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