“The Stand-In Boyfriend,” the newest addition to the Greyford High series, releases today! (+ Giveaway)

The Stand-In Boyfriend by Anna B. Doe is now LIVE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

I read this book (and the previous book in the series) today, and I’m excited that it’s available for you to read now, too!

My review of both The Stand-In Boyfriend and The Penalty Box will be posted on Wednesday, October 14, so make sure to come check back on my blog next week to hear all of my thoughts!

For now, check out the cover and the synopsis below — and make sure to let me know what your favorite YA sports romance is in the comments!

This year was supposed to be the best of her life, but after finding her boyfriend cheating in front of half of the school, the last thing Jessica Bryant wants is to face her classmates.

Noah Russell still feels ashamed of what he did last year. He isn’t one of the bad guys. So, when he hears people bad-mouthing Jessica, he reacts without thinking.

It was supposed to be just a kiss, to give people something else to talk about, but now that they’re the ones controlling the rumors, why not continue?

A few weeks, just until homecoming, and then they’ll break up. Jessica won’t be the girl her boyfriend cheated on and Noah will get his redemption. Should be easy, right? Maybe if her stand-in boyfriend wasn’t also her mortal enemy…

You can catch up on the series now, Free with Kindle Unlimited! (I’m going to be reading the first three books soon!)

Enter to win signed copies of “The Penalty Box” and “The Stand-In Boyfriend” + a $20 Amazon Gift Card HERE


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