[ARC REVIEW] “Kiss Before Midnight” – Mistletoe Anthology

The Mistletoe Kisses Anthology is out now! I had the chance to read one of the stories, Anna B. Doe’s Kiss Before Midnight early, but you can read it now, too!

One-click on sale for $2.99!


From the very first moment, Grace Daniels laid her eyes on Mason LeBlanc, he stole her breath away, but what will happen now that he sees her too?

Kiss Before Midnight is a New York Knights/Blairwood University crossover short story that is a part of the Mistletoe Kisses anthology.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


This was such a sweet story! I’ve read Kiss to Conquer, but I haven’t read Anna’s other book, Until — although now I really want to! Grace and Mason are so cute together, and I’d love to read even more about them! 

I know this review is short, but it’s only a few chapters long! The ice skating scene reminded me of another ice skating scene — between Clary and Jace in Shadowhunters. (You can’t go wrong with ice skating scenes…they’re a recipe for cute moments!) 

If you’re looking to get into the Christmas spirit, this story (and anthology!) is a great place to start!

Huge thanks to Anna for providing me with a copy of her story to review!


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