‘Vampire Academy’ Series Being Adapted to a TV Show by Julie Plec & Marguerite MacIntyre; Will Air on Peacock

Vampire Academy

You read that headline right. Peacock has ordered an adaptation of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy novels straight-to-series, with the length spanning 10 episodes. Julie Plec (you know her from Vampire Diaries and all those spin-offs) will write, executive produce, and be the showrunner alongside Marguerite MacIntyre (she has written and produced the Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, and was a consulting producer on the newest spin-off, Legacies — oh yeah, and she was also Sheriff Forbes in TVD!).

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The Vampire Academy series consists of six books, along with a spin-off series, Bloodlines, which is also comprised of six books. Many of you will likely remember the 2014 film adaptation of the first book, where in my opinion Zoey Deutch as Rose was amazing casting but the rest of the movie fell short in a lot of ways (both in the film itself, but especially in how it was marketed as like, a teen comedy) — so I’m so excited to see what they do with the series! I’ve been waiting for this for years and years and years, so I’m so unbelievably excited to see what Peacock does with it, and I’ll be updating you all on casting decisions here and on TikTok (@buriedinabookshelf)! Julie Plec’s version of TVD was super different from the books though, so I hope that’s not the case with VA.

Vampire Academy (film) - Wikipedia

The series is described this way by Deadline:

“It is a story of romance, friendship, death, sex, and scandal. In a world of privilege and glamour, two young women’s friendship transcends their strikingly different classes as they prepare to complete their education and enter royal vampire society. This serialized drama combines the elegance of aristocratic romance and the supernatural thrills of the vampire genre.”

From reading multiple articles on this (that were all clearly written based on a same press release), it sounds to me that the entire series will span 10 episodes, not that it would be a first season consisting of 10 episodes. (Deadline writes it as “The streamer [Peacock] has ordered the ten-episode series,” and other outlets word their explanations similarly.) However, multiple seasons could also be true, and I’ll update you all if I hear anything differently!

While we all anticipate more news, you can follow the writers room on Twitter at @VAWriters. The writers are: Julie Plec (@julieplec), Marguerite MacIntyre (@Caryshotwife), Y. Shireen Razack (@YShireenWhyNot), Morenike Balogun (@MorenikeBalogun), Adam Starks, Jason Coffey (@JasonRCoffey), JJ Braider (@jjbraider), Noah Diaz, Linda Ge (@lindazge), and Ben O’Hara (@BenOHara10).

The show will be produced by Universal Television with Emily Cummins, Don Murphy, Susan Montford, Deepak Nayer, and Jillian DeFrehn as executive producers. Murphy, Montford, and Nayer were also producers of the 2014 film.

So if anyone from Peacock some stumbles upon this article, and you’re looking for an intern to work on the show, for literally anything — hit me up at buriedinabookshelf@gmail.com. 🙂


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