[COVER REVEAL] “Founded On Temptation” (Mixtape #2) By: Kat Singleton

The second book in Kat Singleton’s Mixtape series releases on October 19th, and I’m so excited to get to help reveal the cover today!

The first book, “Founded on Goodbye,” was great so I’m excited to read the second book!! (My review of FOG will be posted soon…don’t worry!)

I created this cute graphic for the reveal, but check out the credits for the cover itself below!

Cover Design: Ashes and Vellichor
Photo: Miguel
Model: Maria Casals

What is “Founded on Temptation” by Kat Singleton about?

This means nothing.

That sentence would become the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself after spending an unforgettable night with Sebastian Compton.

Because he has rules—one night, no strings attached.

It’s easier that way. He travels the world as a bodyguard for his best friend and one of the most famous pop icons alive. I’m merely a glorified coffee-runner, still trying to get noticed by my boss. It would never work between us.

It should have meant nothing.

After all, my best friend schemed to hurt the very man Sebastian was hired to protect—and I knew about it. He shouldn’t want to be near me. We shouldn’t be sneaking around, hiding our feelings from those closest to us.

I shouldn’t want him. He’s arrogant, jealous, and possessive—breaking his rules and my boundaries, claiming me for another night only to leave again.

But now, it means everything.

I never expected more than a single night with him. I didn’t foresee being thrust back together by the product of our lust. It didn’t occur to me that while fighting our feelings, we may have built something worth fighting for.

Most of all, I never thought something so perfect could grow from a relationship that had always been founded on temptation.​​



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