[COVER REVEAL] “Be With Me” (With Me Series) By: Jessica Cunsolo

As most of you already know, I’m absolutely obsessed with Jessica Cunsolo’s “With Me” series. In fact, I read the third book in the trilogy well over six months ago, and haven’t posted the review yet because I’m in denial that it’s over.

So when Jessica and Wattpad Books announced that companion novels were going to be written and published, I was SO excited!! Now, we finally have a synopsis and release date…January 10th, 2023!! It’s almost six months away, but I’ll take it. (Although, an update on the adaptation from Sony TV is much needed…)

“Be With Me” will follow Aiden Parker’s younger brothers, twins Jason and Jackson, who we’ve seen across the “With Me” trilogy. I’m hoping we’ll also get some glimpses of Aiden and Thea’s lives (and the rest of their lovely friend group) now, too!

What’s “Be With Me” about?

Fall in love like it’s the very first time.

Jessica Cunsolo’s With Me series continues with Jason and Jackson Parker who are all grown up now and ready to follow in their brother Aiden’s footsteps. 

Sisters Siena and Gia Amato have just moved to King City. On their first night in town, Siena is almost run over by the devastatingly handsome Jason Parker who’s trying to evade arrest after getting caught drag-racing by the police. While the circumstances of their meeting are less than ideal, Siena can’t deny the instant attraction she feels for him—even if it goes against every one of her “good girl” instincts. When a classmate goes missing and Siena’s life is endangered, she and Jason are thrust together. Suddenly, the stakes are even higher, and more than their hearts are on the line.

Jessica Cunsolo’s trademark blend of romance and mystery will appeal to fans of Aiden and Amelia’s story as well as new readers.


Ahhh I’m so excited!! This cover is going to fit in so well with the trilogy, too! The book is available for preorder now! Apparently it’ll be available in paperback AND hardcover, along with an ebook.


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