[REVIEW] “Stay With Me” (With Me #2) By: Jessica Cunsolo

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I absolutely adore Jessica Cunsolo’s “With Me” trilogy. The first book, She’s With Me, was released in January 2020, and Stay With Me was released in December 2020. (The series has been optioned for TV by Sony — I’m anxiously awaiting more details!)

Official Synopsis:

Love has never been more dangerous.

In the sequel to her riveting debut, She’s With Me, Wattpad superstar Jessica Cunsolo brings us the dramatic continuation of a romance that always defies the odds…

Amelia Collins finally finds happiness in the arms of Aiden Parker, who accepts her for who she is―even when their pasts become hopelessly entangled in their present and threaten to completely unravel their futures. As Aiden’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit and struggles to keep his family together, Amelia fights a battle of her own: how to tell Aiden she needs to leave.

Determined to put real life on hold for just a little bit longer, Amelia and her friends leave the chaos of King City behind for a beach house and holiday celebrations. Still, it’s only a matter of time before close quarters reveal their secrets and Aiden fully understands the awful truth about the man pursuing Amelia.

Amelia knows she can’t outrun the painful memories of the past and killer’s obsession with her. Her beloved friends are in danger, and she will not let them be harmed. Overwhelmed by love but haunted by fear, Amelia must decide if staying with the person she loves is worth risking his life.

Book cover of a boy and girl holding hands with pink text with the words “Jessica Cunsolo” and “Stay with Me” along with “Wattpad Books” on a light blue wood background


Stay With Me picks up right where She’s With Me leaves off — so be warned, this review will contain spoilers for She’s With Me. The gang has been waiting at the police station for Aiden after his arrest, and we get to (sorta) meet some of the other parents of Amelia’s friends when they come to help — as well as at other times throughout the rest of the book. The majority of the book follows the gang on vacation, which works well — no parental supervision means a lot of drama has a chance to move on in to our favorite friend group. And trust me, these kids have a lot of it.

Reading this book felt like a review for me, even though I read the Wattpad version years ago. For some reason, all of the plot points are like, engrained in my brain for this book, so I was mostly anticipating when those points would hit. Still, for new, first-time readers, there is a lot more explanation into Amelia’s past, and we get a ton of great Amelia and Aiden moments. (Aiden is like, the ultimate book boyfriend y’all.) There’s a lot of drama surrounding Char and Chase and Noah and Mason…well, everyone else but Julian and Anna. (I love Julian and Anna, too. I’d definitely read a whole spin-off book about the two of them, because they’re just so great together).

Overall, this was a great addition to the series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the TV news and news of when the final book, Still With Me, will be out! (I think sometime this year…but fingers crossed!)

What’s your favorite book that originated on Wattpad? Mine is this series, along with Love Scene, Take Two (it was called Between Takes on Wattpad) by Alex Evansley! Let me know in the comments!

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