[ARC REVIEW] “You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows” (Kingsmen Football #1) By: Piper Rayne

What is You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows by Piper Rayne about?

USA Today Bestselling Author, Piper Rayne, begins the Kingsmen Football Stars series with an enemies-to-lovers, second chance story set in the world of professional football.

Lee f’ing Burrows
The Kingsmen’s star quarterback.
Legendary throwing arm.
Six-pack abs.
Kissable lips.

Oh, but don’t forget, he’s also a lying, heartless egomaniac who broke my heart in college.

It took me years to build myself back up after his deceit, and now I have the dream opportunity to prove myself working as a sports therapist for a professional team.
The hurdle? Or mountain to be more accurate…

The job is with the San Francisco Kingsmen.

Back when I was a naïve college girl, I felt lucky that he even noticed me. Now eight years later, he’d be lucky if I gave him the time of day.

Which I won’t. Not ever.

Some people don’t deserve a second chance and Lee Burrows is one of them.

Now if someone could only tell him that because he’s hell-bent on scoring the winning touchdown and won’t accept that it’s game over for us. 

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


This has been one of my favorite books this year. Although second chance romance isn’t usually my favorite trope, I liked how it worked with Lee and Shayna. I’m a sucker for sports romances, especially football ones, and the combo of forbidden / workplace romance in this one worked so great. Typically the football romances I read are also college romances, and this one wasn’t, but I loved it so much!

I stopped reading about six chapters in to go read the prequel, “False Start,” which follows Lee and Shayna in college, eight years prior to this book starting — that explains why Shayna hates him at the start of the book, and although it’s not necessary in order to understand this one, I highly recommend reading the novella first!

The friend groups (Lee’s football friends and Shayna’s new best friend, Bryce) are so awesome in this. I’m holding out hope that we’ll get a Miles x Bryce enemies-to-lovers romance at some point, but right now I only see Brady and Chase getting books so far based on Goodreads.

All of the characteristics that I loved about Lee in the novella I also loved about him in this book! Although a bit misguided, he had good intentions, and it was fun to read how their relationship progressed throughout the story. I really loved the ending, and how they both got their own happily ever afters, both personally and professionally (you’ll have to read the book to find out what that means), in a way that I wasn’t necessarily expecting.

Overall, this book and “False Start” were the first Piper Rayne books that I’ve read, and I’ll definitely be reading more. I think there was some overlap in characters from some of their other books, which is so cool. I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, relatively quick (less than five hours) read, plus there’s a bonus epilogue that helps to set up the next book in the series. Huge thanks to Piper Rayne and their team for sending me an early digital copy — the book is available now!


“False Start” – Piper Rayne (Review)

“You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows” – Piper Rayne (Review)

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