Happy New Year! (Favorite Books of 2022 Wrap Up)

This year was a pretty big year for Buried in a Bookshelf. I hit 1000 overall posts, and had some of my best stats ever — I hit 3k monthly views for the first time in November, and then surpassed that with 3.3k views in December! Overall for the year, I saw an increase of 48% in views and 52% in visitors, and was excited to surpass my goal of 25k annual views and reached 27.7k views with over 21k visitors. Although that might not seem like much, the first year I started blogging I was happy with reaching almost 3k views for the whole year (starting with my first post in April of 2017), so to reach that in one month is really exciting for me.

I spent over 260 hours reading this year, on 43 different books (none of which are counting all the books I skimmed through on Kindle Unlimited). Definitely far from the unrealistic 100 book goal I set every year, but still 12 books more than 2021, so I consider that a win!

This year, I have a ton more ideas for more consistent content, even though it’s already shaping up to be my busiest year yet outside of blogging, especially the first few months of the year. Still, I can’t wait to share a ton more bookish content (especially adaptation content!) with you all!

Here are a few of my favorite books that I read this year — “A Rival’s Kiss” was my absolute #1, but the rest are in a randomized order!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite reads were, too!

Favorite Books of 2022 List:

“A Rival’s Kiss” by Maya Hughes (Fulton U Rivals series)

“Fake Empire” by C.W. Farnsworth

“Kiss to Shatter” & “Kiss to Salvage” duet by Anna B. Doe (Blairwood University series)

“You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows” by Piper Rayne (Kingsmen Football series)

“Tutoring the Player” by Rebecca Jenshak (Campus Wallflowers series)

“Enemies Abroad” by R.S. Grey

“Still With Me” by Jessica Cunsolo (With Me series — still have to post this review, oops!)

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