[ARC REVIEW] “You Can’t Kiss the Nanny, Brady Banks” (Kingsmen Football Stars #2) By: Piper Rayne

The latest book in Piper Rayne’s Kingsman Football Stars is here! The book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited now, and is perfect for those of you who love adult football romances!

What is You Can’t Kiss the Nanny, Brady Banks by Piper Rayne about?

Brady Banks.

The Kingsmen’s best wide receiver.
Rich AF.
Hot as hell.
A stallion in the sack.

How do I know that last fact? I may have shared a one-night stand with him six months ago when I was rebounding from a broken heart.

I didn’t forget him, but I was done with him, until I discovered he’s the single dad of the boy I’ve been hired to nanny.

It’s near impossible to ignore my attraction to him now that we’re living under the same roof—but I have no choice.

First, this job pays well, and I need the money to move out of my parents’ spare room.

Second, he’s a public figure and there’s no room for me to get caught up in a scandal with him—I can’t disappoint my parents again.

Third, men like Brady were built to break hearts. I barely managed to piece mine back together after my failed engagement and Brady would do irreparable damage if I gave him the chance.

Let the longest three months of my life begin…

Rating: 5/5 Stars


“You Can’t Kiss the Nanny, Brady Banks” follows Brady, the star wide receiver for the Kingsmen, and Violet, his one-night-stand turned his son, Theo’s nanny. I absolutely adore Brady. He’s respectful, nice, a great dad to Theo, and an even greater love interest to Violet.

I also loved getting to see characters from the first book, “You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows” — Lee, Shayna, Bryce, Miles, Chase, and Twyla. Something that was really cool was that we get to see two scenes that set up Brady and Violet’s love story included at the end of Lee and Shayna’s book play out from Brady’s perspective.

One thing that was handled amazingly in this book was consent, whether that be with Brady looking out for their implicit power dynamic with him being her boss, gauging her comfort level with entering into a friends-with-benefits type of relationship, and all of the benefits that came along with that. It was so nice to have it explicitly asked and checked on.

Brady and Hannah co-parent so well. Although I don’t agree with him not telling her about his past with Violet, but I understand his reasoning behind it. Even though Violet wasn’t trying to take Hannah’s place in her family, and Brady wasn’t trying to make that happen either, it’s clear how their unique circumstance could easily be interpreted as such. All of their relationships with six-year-old Theo were so sweet and positive, and it was interesting to see how Brady and Violet’s relationships with their own parents (or lack thereof, in some cases) influence how they treat Theo (and, to an extent, each other).

I did think that we would see Violet have a heart-to-heart with her brother at some point, or to have some sort of interaction in general between the two of the them, but we don’t. It makes me wonder if he’ll show up in a later book with his own story.

The book also does a great job of building the tension and setting up the next book in the series, although I am still holding out hope that Bryce and Miles will get their own book later! Make sure to also download the free bonus epilogue, because that sets up the next book even more.

Overall, this was such a fun, sweet, sexy romance, with tons of cameos of characters from other books of Piper Rayne’s, which is always awesome!

Huge thanks to Piper Rayne and Valentine PR for providing me with an early copy to review!


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