[COVER REVEAL] “Second Chance Player” by R.C. Stephens

“Second Chance Player” by R.C. Stephens is coming on May 24th, and I’m so excited to help reveal the cover of this single parent hockey romance!

Read all about the book below:


Having my heart broken by not one but two hockey players changed the game for me. I swore I’d never date another player again.

The last person I expect to walk in during my night shift at the diner is my first love, Liam Bozeman.

The moment we lock eyes, it all comes flooding back.

But we’re a long way from the high school hockey star and the foster girl next door.

He moved on, and when I tried to do the same, I ended up in the arms of his rival.

Liam may be my second chance at love, but my son is the center of my world. And my worlds are about to collide… in more ways than one.


After two and a half years of living my dream and playing in the NHL, I’m still chasing down what could have been.

When I finally come face-to-face with my past, she’s all grown up with secrets of her own.

I just wish it didn’t take an accident to open my eyes.

Skylar Ward isn’t just the one who got away; she’s the only one for me. But the sexy single mom runs the best defense I’ve ever encountered.

And if I want a second chance, I’ll have to tear down her walls and prove to her I can be the man they both need me to be.


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