Check out this teaser from Maggie Rawdon’s fake dating forbidden romance, “Pick Six”!

“Pick Six” by Maggie Rawdon releases on May 4 — here’s a little teaser to hold you over until then! Keep reading for the synopsis

About the book:

What’s worse than playing a fake girlfriend to the all-pro defensive end for the Seattle Phantom?

When the same infamous playboy is my ex-husband’s best friend.

I’m normally great at keeping my distance from him—pretending like he doesn’t get under my skin. 

But after he punches a teammate over me, we’re stuck faking a relationship to save his career and mine.

If we play the game well, we could both get out ahead. 

I just have to remember everything about this is for show, including the reformed player act.  

A few blurred lines and crossed boundaries won’t change things. 

Because falling for your ex’s best friend is wrong, right?


“Personal Foul” (Plays & Penalties #3) — ARC

“Reverse Pass” (Plays & Penalties #4) — ARC

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