“After Everything,” The Final Film in Anna Todd’s “After” Series, Sets September 2023 Release Date

The film adaptation of “Beautiful Disaster” was in theaters for two days only, April 12 and April 13, and “After” fans were treated to the first look at the extended trailer of “After Everything,” the final film in the After film series led by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford as stars Hardin Scott and Tessa Young after the credits! (The sequel to “Beautiful Disaster,” titled “Beautiful Wedding,” was teased via photos as well!

Where can I watch the “After Everything” trailer?

Where can I watch the “After Everything” movie trailer?

Right here! Keep scrolling for some stills, and more importantly, release dates by country! Plus, you can check out this post about the “After Everything” trailer as well.

When Will “After Everything” release?

When will “After Everything” release?

“After Everything” will release in US theaters on September 13th 2023! That’s a Wednesday, so it’s likely the film will have a limited two day theatrical release like in past years, and will be put onto streaming (likely Netflix) at a later date. Check out the list below to find your country and the corresponding date, or scroll to the bottom for a typed out list!

What is “After Everything” about?

What is “After Everything” about?

The trailer follows Hardin in a time jump since we last saw him in “After Ever Happy,” struggling to finish his next book, and under pressure from his publisher. The majority of the film appears to follow Hardin taking a trip to Lisbon to visit Natalie (portrayed by Mimi Keene), and make amends. Of course, it wouldn’t be an “After” film if Hardin and Tessa weren’t thrown back together, and it seems that they’ll run into each other again at a mutual friend’s wedding — likely Landon’s, but that remains to be seen.

Directed by Castille London (“After We Fell,” “After Ever Happy”), “After Everything” is a new film to the franchise, and is the first film to not share a title with a book in the series — however, “After Everything” is included in a quote in epilogue of the final book, “After Ever Happy,” and will likely share plot points from the fifth and final “After” book, “Before.”

What’s next for the “After” franchise?

What’s next for the “After” franchise?

Another sequel and prequel are in development in addition to “After Everything,” but it’s unlikely that Fiennes-Tiffin and Langford will reprise their roles beyond “After Everything.”

Release Dates by Country for “After Everything”

Release Dates by Country for “After Everything”

September 13:

United States, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal

September 14:

Bolivia, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Russia/CIS

September 15:

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden

September 21:

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Slovakia, Uruguay

September 22:

South Africa

To Be Announced:

Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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