Anna Todd’s “After” Series Getting 2 Spinoffs: Hardin Prequel & Next Generation Films

August 24, 2022 Edit: A fifth installment to the “After” franchise has been announced! The film stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin (and presumably Josephine Langford), as Hessa’s story isn’t over! Read everything we know about the new film, titled “After Everything,” here.

With the first two films in the “After” series already having been released — “After” (2019) and “After We Collided” (2020), fans may have thought that the series would be coming to an end. The last two films in the series, “After We Fell” and “After Ever Happy” were filmed back-to-back last year an are currently in post-production. Neither films have official release dates for the United States yet, although other countries do (see below). “After We Fell” is currently set to have a theatrical release in the United States this October. The second film, “After We Collided,” was released on demand in the United States before being made available on Netflix.

Text of "After We Fell" theatrical release dates for different countries on top of a promotional still for the film

Castille Landon, director of “After We Fell” and “After Ever Happy” to Write and Direct Prequel and Next Generation

Earlier this month, it was announced that two more films are going to be added to the “After” universe. Castille Landon, the director of “After We Fell” and “After Ever Happy” is set to write and direct the two newly announced films. Landon’s most recent release that she wrote and directed was the film “Fear of Rain,” starring Madison Iseman.

“After” Prequel Film

The first film is a prequel to the main series, loosely based on Anna Todd’s book, “Before,” a novel told from love interest Hardin’s perspective. This film version will delve deeper into Hardin’s trauma and family life the events of the first “After” film. Hero Fiennes Tiffin, who portrays Hardin in the film adaptations, will not be reprising his role; the new film follows a much younger version of the character.

“After” Next Generation Film

The second film to be added to the franchise (please note: this explanation will contain spoilers for the final story, “After Ever Happy,” as the inspiration for the film came from the epilogue of the final book in the series) will be a next generation film. This spin-off will focus on Emery and Auden, Tessa and Hardin’s children, as well as their cousin Addy. Tessa and Hardin will be supporting characters in this fim, although Josephine Langford (Tessa Young) and Fiennes Tiffin will not be reprising their roles.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott in a black suit jacket kissing Josephine Langford as Tessa Young, who is wearing a pink coat in the middle of the street in London in this movie still from "After We Fell"
Fiennes Tiffin and Langford as Hardin Scott and Tessa Young in “After We Fell,” releasing in October 2021

When will the new “After” films be released?

“After We Fell” is set to be released in the United States in October of this year. I expect that the final film in the main series, “After Ever Happy,” will release sometime in 2022. These two new films are currently set to be filmed back-to-back in Fall of this year, but no news on casting has been released yet. It could be 2023 until the first one gets released.

I think that the next generation film sounds more interesting, but I, like many fans of the series, are skeptical about how the franchise will continue without Langford and Fiennes Tiffin; viewers (and readers) are very devoted and committed to them portraying the leads, and many have not been very receptive of the news that they will not be reprising their roles. While I understand that the actors are way too young to be portraying parents (it’s unclear as to what age their children will be in the film, I’m assuming they’ll either be in their late teens/high school or college), I imagine that casting new actors in those roles will have an impact on sales.


What are your thoughts on the new movies? Will you be watching?


2022 update: “After,” “After We Collided,” “After We Fell,” and “After Ever Happy” are available to watch on Netflix.

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