“Beautiful Disaster” Movie Adaptation Starring Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner, Drops Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the adaptation of Jamie McGuire’s book of the same name is here! The film is directed by Roger Kumble, who directed the second movie in the After series, “After We Collided.” (Which Dylan Sprouse had a supporting role in!) A sequel, “Beautiful Wedding,” is currently in post production.

According to Deadline, this is the synopsis given for the movie:

“[In “Beautiful Disaster”] bad-boy Travis (Sprouse) is exactly what college freshman Abby (Gardner) needs and wants—to avoid. He spends his nights fighting in underground boxing matches, and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer. But Abby wants nothing to do with Travis. Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his appeal, Travis offers her a simple bet: if he loses his next fight, he must remain sex-free for a month. If he wins, Abby must live in his apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that Abby’s dark past is about to emerge, and he may have finally met his match.”

Check out the trailer:

It’s been a few years since I read “Beautiful Disaster,” so I don’t recognize any scenes in the trailer, and in all transparency, I found Travis to be extremely problematic in the book (much like I found Hardin to be in the After series, even though they changed the character a bit in the films). So here’s to hoping that Dylan Sprouse’s Travis is more enjoyable to watch on screen than the character was to read in the book! (You can read my review of “Beautiful Disaster” to understand what I’m talking about.) Although the trailer feels a little bit like “After” in a different font, I thought Dylan Sprouse was the best part of “After We Collided” by far, so I’m cautiously optimistic! Plus, I love that with this book and After, most college romances are coming to our screens. (Hollywood, if you need some suggestions for some awesome series set in college that feature much less problematic but even more attractive guys…hit me up, I’ve got a long list.)

What do you think of the trailer? Will you be seeing the movie when it releases in 2023? Let me know!

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