Favorite Books I Read in 2018

Not all of these books were released in 2018, but that’s when I read them, so I’ll put them on this list! Here are a few of my favorites from this year:

  1. “Out of Left Field” – Kris Hui Lee
  2. “Bound To You” – Alyssa Brandon
  3. “The Game Can’t Love You Back” – Karole Cozzo
  4. “Love Scene, Take Two” – Alex Evansley
  5. “The Supervillain and Me” – Danielle Banas
  6. “Surviving Adam Meade” – Shannon Klare
  7. “With The Band” – Natasha Preston


(There are some books that I read in 2017 that I posted in 2018, or ARCs that came out this year that I reviewed last year, so those weren’t included on this list!)

What were some of your favorite books that you read this year?

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