[ARC REVIEW] “Read My Mind” (The One Series #3) By: Natasha Preston

The third (and final) book in the “The One” series is here! I was lucky enough to be able to read an ARC, so you can check out my thoughts below! (I’ve already read the first book, Waking Up in Vegas and the second book, Just Like the Movies!)

Official Synopsis:

The pursuit of happiness is never easy when the person you love already has a significant other. Someone who isn’t you.

Mila, desperate for passion in any way she can get it, is back with her boyfriend Liam, despite everyone knowing they’re wrong for each other. Epic loves can’t be forced, but Mila would rather be with someone than no one at all.

Reid, her sexy neighbour, has been in love with Mila for years. If only she knew that, behind this editor’s brooding stare, was a man who could be everything she needed in her life. Unfortunately, for a man who plays with words for a living, he seems incapable of stringing a sentence together to tell Mila how he really feels.

When the two are finally thrown together, and fate lends a hand, entwining their lives in a way that forces them to face their true feelings for each other, Reid finally has his chance to make her see him.

It’s just a shame Mila is already taken…

Reid is running out of time to leave more than just a red pen mark on her heart.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


We’ve been reading about Mila throughout both “Waking Up in Vegas” and “Just Like the Movies,” so I was excited to finally read her and Reid’s story! Mila is a spitfire for sure — she’s bold, sarcastic, and says a lot of things that most people wouldn’t, which is what makes her such a fun character to read about.

Told through two POVs, Mila’s and Reid’s, we get to not only explore their minds, but we also get to see characters from the first two books, Indie and Wren, and Brody and Spencer! I love this series, so naturally I was pumped for the scenes that the characters had together.

Her and Reid are a great match, and I loved seeing how both of their characters evolved, especially how Mila finally realized that she deserves better than Liam.

It was fun to see the behind-the-scenes of the publishing company that Reid works at, and to read about all of the differences between the US and the UK. For example…calling the trunk of a car the boot, and the hood the bonnet. Plus, I’m not sure how college (I mean uni) works in the UK, because Mila talks often about how she feels old being in college at 21, when that’s pretty standard over here. (I’m 21, so it was fun reading a book about a protagonist who’s my age!)

Overall, this was a fun read, and I’m so grateful to Natasha for providing me with an advanced copy! Like most new adult books, I recommend this book for 17 or 18+ due to some of the sexual content, but again, y’all gotta make that judgement for yourselves.


Stay tuned for an interview with Natasha about the book, coming soon!


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“Waking Up in Vegas” (The One #1) – ARC ♪

“Just Like the Movies” (The One #2) – ARC ♪

“Read My Mind” (The One #3) – ARC

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