[ARC REVIEW] “Just Like the Movies” By: Natasha Preston

Official Synopsis:

He was mine for ten years, and now he belongs to Hollywood.

Spencer Lowe, Hollywood’s newest golden boy, has hit the big time. Coming from a small town in England, he never imagined starring in a movie or becoming a household name. Offers from producers come as fast as offers from women.

Indie has been in love with her best friend for years, and their short-lived love affair was the best time of her life, but she had let him go so he could follow his dreams. Now she’s alone, stuck inside a nightmare she keeps hidden.

With the premiere of Spencer’s first movie coming up, he books a ticket for Indie and takes her to LA. She wants to give in to their chemistry and dive back into a relationship with Spencer, but if she does, she risks exposing the family secret she’s been guarding her whole life.

Rating: 5/5 Stars


Ever since I read Waking Up in Vegas, the first (standalone) book in Natasha’s The One series, I couldn’t wait to read Just Like the Movies! We first meet Indie and get introduced to her and Spencer’s story, and since I especially love books set in the Hollywood world (even though this mostly takes place in the UK), I was excited!

While there is still a lot of cute, fun moments like in WUIV, JLTM also has a much more somber and traumatic storyline that runs through. Indie has to deal with an unsupportive and tumultuous home life where her parents are alcoholics that she hides from her friends, which becomes more and more of an issue as book progresses.

I liked that there was no love triangle and not too much jealousy between Indie and Spencer’s costars. I hate that trope, but Indie and Spencer were both clearly in love with each other from the beginning, so it wasn’t an issue!

Spencer and Indie had a great dynamic, and they complemented each other perfectly. I love Spencer — he’s sweet and supportive, and always puts Indie first. They’re so cute together, and I’m especially glad that we got to see the two of them interacting with Wren and Brody from WUIV!! I love it when we get to see characters from previous books. We also get to know Wren and Indie’s other best friend, Mila a lot more, especially through her interactions with Spencer, and I can’t wait to read the book about her and Reid this November!

Overall, this was a really great book, and I’m so thankful to Natasha for giving me an ARC! It’s such a sweet and heartfelt friends-to-lovers romance. JLTM is available now at the link below, and was just released today, July 3, 2020! Since it is new adult, I’d recommend it for older teens due to sexual content/adult themes, but I’ll let y’all be the judge of that.

Some trigger warnings (this will include a spoiler, so read at your own risk) are alcoholism and suicide.

Check out my playlist for JLTM, as well as my playlist and ARC review of WUIV! (You can also check out the book review and playlist for another one of Natasha’s contemporary romances, With the Band!)

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