Happy Book Birthday to “Sneaking Around with the Player”!

Sneaking Around with the Player by Rebecca Jenshak is now live! 

This brother’s-rival holiday romance is so sweet, and I’ll be posting my ARC review later this week! For now, you can get this novella via Kindle (or get the paperback with both novellas, including the first one with Stella’s sister, Holly!)

What’s the book about?

It was supposed to be a quick conversation with a cute boy at the airport while I dodged my ex and his new girlfriend.
We weren’t supposed to trade numbers.
He wasn’t supposed to be a football player.
And I definitely wasn’t supposed to fall for him since he’s attending a college a thousand miles away.
I saw past his jersey. And he saw past my last name.
Now it’s semester break, and by some Christmas miracle, he’s going to be close. So close.
I want to meet him again, but there’s just one problem.
My older brother can’t, under any circumstances, find out I’m dating his rival.


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