[ARC REVIEW] “Hating the Player” (Campus Wallflowers #2) By: Rebecca Jenshak

What is Hating the Player by Rebecca Jenshak about?

Gavin Leonard is the worst.
He lives in the best party house off campus at Valley U, overrun by jocks galore.
I live next door, watching Jane Austen adaptations with my sketchbook in hand.
He stays on his side of the fence.
I stay on mine.
Now we’re accidentally on a camping trip together, but there’s only one tent left.

Gavin Leonard is the worst.
And he’s the last guy who broke my heart.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Ever since I first discovered Rebecca’s books, I’ve been hooked! I’ve been so excited to read Violet and Gavin’s story ever since I met them in the first book in the series, “Tutoring the Player,” which is Violet’s cousin Daisy and her (now) boyfriend Jordan’s story.

This is sort of an enemies-to-lovers book, although the two of them come to a truce relatively quickly. It’s definitely a second chance romance, and despite what happened to cause the two of them to have a falling out prior to both the start of this book and the series, I found myself rooting for Gavin to get back into Violet’s good graces. Without giving too much away, there were some moments especially towards the beginning of the book, where he was super kind and considerate towards her, and it was really sweet.

Despite the mess Gavin made during their first go at a relationship, he really was such a sweet love interest. Something that I enjoy a lot about Rebecca’s books is how respectful and kind the male love interests are. It’s fun to read, and makes it easy to cheer for them as a couple, regardless of past issues they may have had.

We first got to see Violet’s fashion design skills in Daisy and Jordan’s book, and we get to delve more into that in Violet’s book! We see her challenge herself in new ways, and it’s so cool to see what she comes up with.

I also absolutely LOVED that we got to see more of Daisy and Jordan! I adored them in their book, and honestly Jordan might be one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time. Their cuteness factor is multiplied by a billion percent in this book, and as I said before, I love that the jocks in this series break the stereotype or personality that male love interests oftentimes have where they’re total jerks to those around them. Some of the supporting characters from Daisy’s book show up and are mentioned frequently too, which I always love to read.

This book is a must read for sports romance fans, although I recommend if you haven’t read the first book, definitely start there! Rebecca’s writing is so fun and flows so well — her writing style and storytelling makes her books practically impossible to put down. Thanks so much to Rebecca for providing me with an early copy — the book is available now for your reading pleasure. Run, don’t walk!

PS: I know Dahlia’s story is next in “Scoring the Player,” (June 13, 2023) but I’m also excited for Jane’s story! Here’s to hoping she gets one, too!


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