[ARC REVIEW] “Wild About You” (Wildcat Hockey #2) By: Rebecca Jenshak

The second book in the Wildcat Hockey series is here! “Wild About You” is out now, and I’m so happy to have read Tyler and Piper’s love story!

What is “Wild About You” by Rebecca Jenshak about?

A month ago, I was a rookie with the best stats in the league. I was traveling the world, playing hockey, and making more money than I ever dreamed.

Then my sister showed up on my doorstep, expelled from high school, with nowhere else to go.

I don’t know the first thing about being responsible for a troubled teen, and the team jet isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

Enter Piper. My sister’s new teacher and nanny.

Smart, nurturing, and just as beautiful as I remember.

I fell in love with her four years ago and never stopped.

Too bad she hates my guts.

We need her.

And this time, I’m not letting her go.

Wild About You is a full-length second chance romance with a grumpy NHL player, his teenage sister, and the ex-girlfriend he never forgot.

Rating: 5/5 Stars


I absolutely fell in love with the first book in this series, “Wildcat,” which made me start to collect Rebecca’s backlist. Needless to say, I was so excited to get to read the next book in the series! Although I didn’t adore it as much as I did the first book, I still really enjoyed it. I first met Ash, Leo’s best friend, in “Wildcat,” and I was happy to get to see even more of him in Tyler and Piper’s story. 

I’m always a bit skeptical going into second chance romances, but the reasoning behind Tyler and Piper’s original breakup felt fitting to them. I know Rebecca wrote a short story called “Wild Promises” about their first go at a relationship, which I’m excited to read. Although Piper was upset, and rightly so, over how things ended between the two of them the first time, it wasn’t something that Tyler necessarily had to be redeemed from. It was easy to see both sides. 

Tyler was a little bit pushy in trying to get Piper back together with him, despite her being pretty insistent and consistent in saying that they won’t get back together. However, he felt persistent, not predatory in it, which probably stemmed from him being such a nice guy in every other aspect of the book. I hate the miscommunication trope, and I’m so glad the two of them (for the most part) avoided it. I was expecting them to have some sort of big break up or misunderstanding before they were together for good, but that didn’t happen, which was really refreshing. The two of them are so cute together, and I loved seeing them interact with all of the other characters, especially Tyler’s younger sister, Everly. 

Tyler’s relationship with his 18-year-old sister Everly is so sweet. It’s complicated at first, since he needs to take on the role of her parent instead of her older brother. They definitely had some growing pains to work through, but they eventually figured it out. (As a side note…I hated River, Everly’s boyfriend. Ew.) Piper and Everly had a great relationship. Piper was always so supportive of Everly, regardless of what was going on with her and Tyler. They really created a little family unit, which only expanded when you include all of the Wildcat hockey teammates, namely Ash, Declan, Jack, and Leo. Them helping with her homework was so cute! 

I thought that there might be some sort of issue with Piper student teaching while also taking care of Everly, but that didn’t happen. Whether that’s realistic or not, I don’t really care. I did think we would see some interaction between Piper, Tyler, and Piper’s family – I think that dynamic would’ve been nice to see. Or if Tyler would’ve gone to talk to Piper’s dad about proposing to her. 

As I mentioned, I loved seeing Ash again, but I also loved seeing more of Leo and Scarlett! (Jade, too!) I hope that we’ll get to see Everly have her own book. I’m not sure what couple the next book, “Wild Ever After” follows, all I know is that it’s a marriage of convenience book…so maybe Jade and someone? Not sure! However, I think there is definitely a chance of an Everly/Declan age gap story in the future, or potentially something with Jack…but I’m leaning towards Declan. Although I haven’t read Rebecca’s Campus Night’s series, I’m excited to get there because of how much Maverick shows up in this book! I can’t wait to read his and Dakota’s love story.

As with all new adult books, I recommend this for 18+ due to some of the mature sexual content. Huge thanks to Valentine PR and Rebecca Jenshak for allowing me to read an early copy — the book is out now, so make sure to go get yourself a copy!


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